Thursday, September 1, 2016

Off to Hogwarts!

Hello ya'll! It's the first of September, and that means Hogwarts!

Here is Kit's robe. I made them new ones this year, And I like how they turned out! Kit will be starting her third year.

Here is Ruthie's robe. She will be starting her second year.

Here is Elizabeth's robe. She will be starting her first year. Then why does she have her crest and matching line already? We're pretending the are hand me downs from her mother, Daisy. ;) 

I also made her a gray pleated skirt. :)

And her book bag is pink with horses, it's obvious that she has a muggle dad. ;)

Let's take a look in Kit's bag.....

Rolls of parchment. Just off white paper, cut into strips.

A quill. Any old feather, they can even be colorful! But.....

....I use the colorful ones for sugar quills. :)

A chocolate frog, which she has unwrapped but not eaten, and her collection of chocolate frog cards.

And your ticket. I won't give you a printable, because there are so many perfect images on the internet, so you can pick the one you like best. :)

Kit's books! (And cat. :) ) The printables for the unfogging the future and standard book of spells, I made HERE. I know it's a random collection, that will be fixed by next year. :) The covers are made like the blue book in the back that was made HERE

The unfogging the future had 70 pieces of paper in it, and each page was different. I had sections for all the different ways they (tried) to read the future, hee hee. I stuck the pages together the way Rudy did HERE, but then I just hot glued the pages onto the spine. 

For the standard books of spells, I printed THESE out, cut out the individual spells, divided them between the three books, then cut them even smaller, and glued them onto the pages. Very tedious, and I recommend leaving them blank or scribbling on them.    

I also wanted to show you the potions book.

I drew bottles of the finished potion, ingredients, and other pictures, and scribbled words, while Daisy colored them. I did the pages like unfogging the future.

Also the herbology book.

Ivy did this one, drawing crazy plants, some mentioned in the books, though more often not, coloring them, and scribbling words.

Now here they are, on the train, off to Hogwarts!

Come on Kit! I'll give you Cliodna! You haven't got her yet!

*munch* No. I like Dumbledore, he's my favorite!

Please???!!! Or how about Wendelin, I'll give you Dymphna for her!
No! It took Newt and Ignatia to get her!

And Elizabeth is just watching with interest. :) 

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And here is my entry for Grace's monthly photo challenge:

The prompt was 'Hello September' :)
And Hazel's mama's going to have a baby! Yay! :D


  1. wait! another baby!!!!! it is going to be hard to top silver's cuteness ;) ( it's me, Kyra)