Tuesday, September 6, 2016

doll book bags

Oh gosh, how long has it been since I posted? I think I was due yesterday.....*nervous laugh* so please excuse me, I've been reading the hunger games series and I'm still in shock.
I will attempt to pull myself together long enough to show you how to make the bags that the dolls use in this post. :)

You will need:
1. Fabric or felt
2. Pins, a needle, and thread
3. Sew or iron on velcro
4. A ruler, pen or pencil, and scissors
5. A button or bead, and ribbon (optional) 

Step 1. Measure, trace, and cut out a rectangle and square, 5" by 6 1/2", and 5" by 4 1/2"

Step 2. Measure, trace, and cut out three rectangles, two 1 3/4" by 4 1/2", and the other 1 3/4" by 5" 

Step 3. Pin the two smaller rectangles to the big rectangle from step 1, like in the picture. Sew it.

Step 4. Fold them open, and pin the other small rectangle to the bottom, like in the picture. Sew.

Step 5. Pull up the corners like in the picture, pin to secure, and sew it. 

Step 6. Now put the square in, It should line up perfectly. Sew it in, you should have a pretty good sized pocket. 

Step 7. Fold the edges of the pocket out, and hem.

Step 8. Turn it around, and hem the part that sticks out.

Step 9. Fold it inside out. Add some velcro, a small piece to the top and a longer piece to the bottom so it can be adjusted. 

Step 10. Now add a 13 1/2"  ribbon or fabric strap, and a button or a bead for decoration. 
You're done! Now your doll has a bag to carry all her books in. :)

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go back to being in shock. :P :) ;)
 P.S. Part 22 of the guiding compass was finally posted! Yay! :D

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