Monday, September 12, 2016

TIWC challenge 2


Come, quillians! Let's pull in to first! (Thanks Lily, for that awesome word!)
Team Quill

Grace, I used all three prompts and a quill. I will place the prompt images as I come to them, and bold the quill.


One bright summer morning, seven year old Luke came scampering down the street, with a skinned knee, twigs in his hair, and looking delighted. However, his smile faded and he slowed to a stop when he saw a tabby cat limping across the road. "Poor kitty!" He cooed. "Here kitty, are you trying to get over there? Is that your house? Let me carry you, ow! No! Don't scratch, see? I'm taking you home, good kitty...." He carried the cat across the street to a small, old house, with a weedy yard filled with garden gnomes and bird bathes. He knocked on the door, and was met by an old lady and five more cats. "Oh!" She cried when she opened the door. "My poor cat! Thank you so much dear, for bringing her, do come in! What is your name? Let me get you a cookie before I take care of her paw, yes yes, right this way, don't trip over another cat." She led him into a room, filled with little statues, vases, Quills, fans, miniature fountains, and all sorts of things. The old lady led him to a table, and gave him a cookie, saying: "Now, I'm going to the back room to take care of tabby, you're welcome to look at all my trinkets, but please be careful, most of those things aren't replaceable." "Ok!" She gave him a smile and bustled out. Luke wandered around, staring at everything. Then, a coo-coo clock sounded, then another, then another. Six in all. Then he heard a low hum, and turned around. there was a small mirror that he had over looked earlier. It had a detailed frame, and an exquisite pedestal. The mirror was shimmering, with many different images flashing across it. Luke drew closer, curious. He stretched out his hand, and touched it. There was a blinding flash. Luke shook his head and blinked. When he could see, he saw that now he was in a dark, stone corridor, lit by a few candles. 
"Cooooool." he breathed. He stuffed the last of his cookie in his mouth and started down the corridor. 
In about ten minutes he saw a light. He went closer, and saw a huge, heavy wooden door. There was a lantern on the floor, casting light on an alcove. In the alcove there was a smooth stone box, leaning against the box was a girl. She had blonde hair and ragged tan clothes. She looked sad. "Hello!" Luke said. The girl started. She turned her head.
Challenge 2:
"What are you doing here?" She asked.
"I don't know. I was trying to figure out how to get home. Who are you? I'm Luke."
"Nice to meet you Luke. If you wanted to get home, you should have gone the way you came in."
"I couldn't find the way I came in, and you didn't tell me who you are."  The girl sighed and looked away.
"I am a guardian of the chosen." 
"So that's what you are," he whispered in awe. "What are they?"  The girl chuckled. 
dialogue prompt:
"We are magical creatures, we shape shift, fly, can see the future, heal, and a few other things. We do have limits though. We can't change some things, can't save everyone." She sounded so sad. "We follow around children who are destined to do extraordinary things, mostly saving the world. We go to them when they are born, and start following them around. We pose as a sibling, and send their parents, friends, and relatives a feeling that leaves them peaceful, and don't question our appearance. We use our powers to protect them, help them along, keep them alive." Now she looked thoroughly miserable. 
"Then why are you so sad?"
"Because I failed." Her voice was barely a whisper.
"Oh. How did you fail?"
"W-we got overwhelmed. There were just to many of them. I failed." A tear streaked down her face. "The least I could do was make her a grave, and clean up the mess."
"What will you do now?" Luke looked like he was in shock.
"I'll stay here for a bit. Don't worry, I can get out when I want to."
Luke perked up a bit. "If you can get out, can you get me out?"
"Yes, I can and will. Let me see, hmmm......" She closed her eyes, concentrating. "Alright, I got it. Ready?"
"Almost, but, what's your name?"
She gave a weak smile. "I have had many names."
"Then what was your favorite?"
"I think it was Catherine."
"Ok. Bye bye Catherine!" 
"Good bye Luke." Then Luke was wrapped in warm light. He found himself back in the old lady's house, just in time for the old lady to come back, with news that tabby would be fine, and another cookie for his walk home.
Hmmm, who was the dead girl? What was her mission? What were they overwhelmed with? Lots of unanswered  questions. ;P

 The giant cat stretched lazily, scarring the wits out of the animals that were still alive. The giant cat had appeared that morning, and proceeded to play with, and eat the tiny animals. Now his belly was full, and he slept. 

That's what came to mind when I saw this a few nights ago. XD Daisy's animals were doomed....

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