Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Colonial girl - a photo shoot (with commentary)


I've forgotten to post, haven't I?


Well, well, who is this?

Go away cat, you'll knock the mysterious girl over.

It's Elizabeth!

She's going for a walk.

 Focus on the doll...

...focus on the ground.

Ahh, breath it in.

Oop! Got to get home, can't be late!

Off she goes!

Aaaaand, here are some extra pics.

And Daisy's pet bunny, Brownie.

Isn't he so soft looking? He just won't stay still though.....
Jaclynn addressed a very important topic HERE, which I am horribly guilty of....*hides head in hands*
And Hazel posted....as well as Maria.....
Oh, I have to finish school. Bye!

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