Friday, September 16, 2016

TWIC challenge 3


Team quill is in the lead! :D
Team Quill

Grace, I used all three prompts and a quill. I will place the prompt images as I come to them, and bold the quill.

writing prompt:
There used to be six of us... Now I'm alone. Eleanor, Nicole, Matthew, Catherine, and Lydia. All gone. I was the one who got them out of the orphanage with me.... I was the one who kept us alive on the streets for over a year... and I was the one who lost them. I kept walking, gazing at the sky. It was foggy, and there were dead leaves on the road, I could here them crunching under my feet. I was so focused on the sky, I didn't see that the road said 'dreams'
I didn't notice anything until I heard that voice. "Irene!" I whipped around.
"Matthew?" I saw him standing in the road, looking at me sadly. 
Maxim Knight | Matt Mason | Falling Skies:
"Oh, Matthew how did you get here? Where are the others? Why are you just standing there like that?" 
"Irene, everything has gone wrong. We need your help!" He said. Then he dissolved. I started backwards. "How?....." Then two hot pink birds swooped down, grabbed me, flew very high......and disappeared, dropping me towards a lake. I saw an image shimmering in the lake, a memory from not long ago..............

A few months ago, Lydia had gotten sick. We spent three days with Eleanor and Catherine taking care of Lydia the best they could, While Nicole, Matthew and me researched the public library, tying to find out what she had. I finally just stole some medicine to help her cough......but I was caught. Someone saw me slip out with it, and called the police. I took a long twisting detour to throw them off, then slowed down and headed back to the ally we were staying at. A police man stepped out of nowhere and called for me to stop, I ran, still going for the ally. "Nikki! Plan B!" I screamed as soon as I got into ear shot. The police man was catching up. Nicole came skidding out of the ally, and I threw her the medicine. She caught it, and instantly darted back into the ally, though her eyes told me that she didn't want to. Ahh, Nikki. Such a fighter. Then the police man caught up. He got me by the elbows just as the rest of the police men came.
"Well, you got her, where is the medicine she stole?" One of them asked.
"She has an accomplice. She threw it to her before I could catch up."
"Where did the accomplice go?"
"Down that ally." The first one turned and walked down the ally, the others followed, peering into cracks and corners. The police man who was holding me followed, still keeping a tight grip on me. They had walked right past them when Lydia coughed, and they doubled back. They were behind a dumpster, with trash cans partly concealing the entry. They all looked in, and saw what for me was normal, but for them, not. Nicole was standing right in the middle, feet planted firmly, hands on her hips, and eyes blazing. Behind her, Matthew and Catherine where huddled up on either sides of Eleanor, who was had Lydia on her lap. Catherine was fiddling with a quill. Eleanor looked perfectly calm, but it's a gift of hers. She can be calm in any situation. She was whispering reassuring words to them, as she gave Lydia a small spoon full of the cough medicine. Everyone was still. The only movement was Lydia and Eleanor. The policeman in front sent one man to the back, to make sure they didn't try to go that way, and then told another man to get Nicole. The man wiggled in, and all we could here was scuffling, grunts, and an occasional squeak from Catherine for three minutes before the Police man wiggled out backwards, bruised, pulling Nicole out. Eleanor quietly followed, carrying Lydia, with Matthew beside her and Catherine holding onto her skirt. They marched us to the car when Nicole doubled over, retching. She caught my eye, clearly telling me to go, them doubled over again. With everyone occupied, I slipped away. The only one who saw me was Catherine, who stared at me with big, sad, hopeful eyes. 'I'll come back Cathy.' I mouthed. 'Ok' she mouthed back. Or maybe it was touche, I don't know. Then the world started to swirl, went black, and I fell off a park bench.
 I sat up and looked around. No one was paying attention. I sighed and got up.It's been a few months since I saw them, but I know where they are. They will be fed, Lydia should be better by now, and they will be completely miserable. Nikki told me to go because she knows I'm an expert at getting people out of things, but only if I have time to think. It's time to make a plan.

I think I will continue this...but maybe not......
hmmm, what do you think?

P.S. Hazel posted this really funny story, you can read it HERE. She also posted two photo shoots, you can read them HERE and HERE.

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