Friday, September 23, 2016

TWIC challenge 4


Team Quill
We're in the lead! :D
Grace, I used all three prompts and a quill. I will place the prompt images as I come to them, and bold the quill.

Rose was exploring. Her Grandmother's house was so big! Right now she was exploring the attics. So far she had found three, all full of boxes and trunks, filled with fascinating things. Old, leather bound books, photo albums, fancy costumes, and an unending supply of interesting nick-knacks. As Rose closed another box, she spotted a door handle along the back wall. That's strange. She thought. Maybe it leads to another attic. Or a secret room! She pushed boxes out of the way, and wiggled through small spaces to reach the door. It was made of rough wood planks with big, old fashioned, rusty handle. To her surprise, light was streaming out of the keyhole.  
Writing Stimulus
She leaned down, and peered through the keyhole. What she saw was a pink silk sleeve, with an ermine lining. Rose stepped back, puzzled. Is it on a mannequin? Or is that a person? Could I open the door without anyone noticing? She had decided that there was at least one person in there, or other wise there wouldn't be any light. Rose very carefully turned the handle. It was unlocked, so she very slowly pulled it open a crack. Nothing happened, so she peeked through, and let out a gasp. She was looking into a throne room, a splendid one, all marble or polished wood. The door was in a corner near the throne, which was made of gold, with jewels inlaid, and more practically, red velvet cushions. Rose instantly regretted gasping, and looked around nervously, but no one was paying attention. And 'no one' was the king, looking very un-regal, and more as if he had just heard a good joke. He was talking with a prince, who was standing on the long red carpet that stretched across the room. The prince look relived, happy, and tired at the same time, as he had just done something difficult, and succeeded. Rose's gaze wandered over the courtiers for a moment, who were whispering among themselves, or watching the prince and king talk. Then Rose focused her attention on the owner of the sleeve she had seen. The sleeve was a very large and droopy sleeve, attached to a a flowy pink dress, which was on a girl. A girl who looked like her, with long blonde hair. She must be a princess. Thought Rose, because she had a gold circlet in her hair. Rose opened the door a little more, and stepped out. The light intensified, and Rose blinked. When the light went back to normal, she was confused. Why had the girl in front of her disappeared? And why was she feeling so heavy? She looked down and had to stifle another gasp. Her hair hung over her shoulders, longer, and more curly, and she was wearing the pink dress. The king turned towards her. "Well, my dear girl, step out, step out and tell this wonderful young man your answer!" Rose paled. She glanced behind her. The door was still there, and she stepped backwards, back through the door. When the light faded, she was back in the attic. The door was wide open, so she could still see into the room. The princess had stepped forward, and must have answered when Rose was transferring from the room, because she and the prince were smiling at each other, and everybody else was clapping. The king started talking about a wedding. Rose smiled, and she closed the door. That was weird. She thought. It must be magic. She was glad that none of them could see her when she was on this side of the door. It was nice, not having to worry about being seen like in books. Rose opened the door again, and yelped. Because instead of the throne room, she saw a room made of trees. Living trees, their branches crisscrossing across each other for a ceiling. In the center of the room stood another girl, and this time she looked exactly like Rose's mother. She was tall and thin, very pale and elegant. She had long, flowing brown hair, and her face was sad and beautiful.
She was looking towards the other end of the room, so Rose looked over to. She was looking at a long table, where about ten old elves were sitting, with quills, ink, and lots of parchment. One of the elves cleared his throat. "Arrrhem. Now, we have come to the conclusion for the young one Elise, who was accused for failing in the learnings of magic, due to her human side, leading to seventeen injuries, and now four fatalities. It has been decided that since she is incompetent to do magic, she shall have her memory modified, and be placed among humans, as she will be more helpful there." The other murmured in agreement, and the girl gave a cry of despair. Rose slammed the door. She wouldn't be able to help, and she didn't want to watch. She took a few deep breathes, leaning on the door, processing what she had just seen. So the girl was half elf. Wow. I would have liked to see her parents, that would have been cool. I wonder, which parent was elf? Rose tapped her chin thoughtfully. And why did she look just like Mom? That's kind of creepy... An idea began to form in her mind, but she shook it off. Rose turned around and opened the door again, curious about what she would see now. She saw a long hall, lined with paintings. The way it was built, and with the marble and polished wood, it looked like it was the same palace as the first one she saw. There was a girl, maybe a princess, wandering the corridor. She had on a splendid dress, though her head was unadorned. But it was her face that caught Rose's attention. It wasn't her grandma's chin and eyes, is wasn't her mother's nose, or her aunt's hair, the way it framed her face like that. It was the mixture of sadness, pain, restlessness, duty, the look of someone with the world on their shoulders- Never had she seen someone look so lost in their own home before.  
The girl walked past a painting of the king Rose first saw, confirming her suspicion. Rose realized that he had her uncle's smile, and her other suspicion grew. Then Rose heard a call, she and the princess looked and beheld a servant approaching. He bowed. "My lady, I have come with the daily report." She sighed, and kept walking. Luckily, the door was moving at the pace of their walking, so Rose didn't have to crane her neck, or step out.
"More bad news?"
"I'm afraid so. We only have enough food and drink to supply the people for a day. We still have not found the tunnel, and the enemy are as strong as ever." The princess looked pained. "Lady Aurora, it would be an easy thing to surrender."
"No." They stopped before a large painting of a family, the mother was the half-elf. Princess Aurora looked up at the woman, who really looked like Rose's mom in that painting. "Before mother died, I promised her that I would never surrender, never make my father and brother's lives spent in vain. Never." Her gaze now went to the smiling, bearded man with an arm around her mother's waist, and the three grinning young men. The servant looked sad to. 
"That is so, but still-"
"My lady! My lady!" Another servant was approaching, covered in dirt, and very excited. "My lady! We found it!" The Aurora's face lit up immediately. 
"You found it? Really? Are you sure?" 
"Yes, yes! It's just how the letter described it, we found it, oh we found it!" Princess Aurora turned to the first servant, who was looking relieved.
"Tell the people, and make the necessary arrangements. We leave tonight." The servant bowed. 
"Yes my lady." He walked swiftly from the room, looking very happy. The princess now turned the the dirty servant.
"Tell your workers to go home, you deserve a few hours rest." 
"Thank you my lady." He bowed and walked out of the room, leaving a trail of dirt. The princess turned to the painting.
"Father, I will protect our people. And in time, I shall make sure that our blood lives on. The name may change, but my children will know that they are royalty. And mother, I will send one of my sons, when he is of age, to find your lost childhood." So it was the half elf I saw! Rose thought. The princess now turned, and walked away. Rose felt something inside her, telling her to close the door, so she did. Rose sat down on a box, thinking. So, princess Aurora was the daughter of the half elf, who got her memory wiped, so she 'lost her child hood' or more like, 'lost her child hood memories'. I'm guessing that the half elf, what was her name again? Elise? Yeah, Elise. So I'm guessing the Elise married a descendant of the first princess I saw. But wouldn't she have gone to her husbands kingdom? Maybe she had a brother, who stayed, got married, and had kids, or maybe she was an only child, so when her father the king died, she had to rule, while that prince she married ruled his fathers kingdom. And why did they look so much like my mom, and the people from my mother's side? We couldn't be, we couldn't be descended from them, could we? It's possible... Rose got up, and reached for the door handle, then noticed something. There wasn't any light coming from the keyhole. That's strange. Maybe it's night where I'm going to look next. She opened the door. The light bulb above her head cast light into it, and she saw that it was a small closet. Full of boxes. Rose wanted to cry. She shut the door, and opened it again, still a closet. Rose was about to leave, when she decided that she might as well look into the boxes. Rose was glad she did. She found old maps, pages torn from history books, and the diaries. Stacks, and stacks of diaries. Rose opened them. She found the dairies of Aurora, and Elise, And the diaries of the other members of their family. Also dairies from Elise's childhood, with a note from Aurora's son, saying that he had found them in the forest. There were dairies for generations of their family, and Rose couldn't wait to read them with her family, and someday add her diaries to the collection.
That took FOREVER to write. :p Now I'm exhausted.


  1. Oh!!! I love the story!!! You're so creative. I wish i could write like that :) The story was superb <3