Monday, September 26, 2016

TWIC challenge 5


Team Quill

Hello! Hallo! Oi! Salut! (Those last three were three different languages, can you guess which?) 
Anyway, let's get this story on! 
(BTW, I decided to continue this challenge.)
Grace, I used all three prompts and mentioned a quill. I will place the prompt images when I come to them, and bold the quill.

I was tired, and without a plan. I had spent the rest of that day preparing, and the next traveling across the city to the orphanage. I had spent the night in a cardboard box, and spent the next day scouting around, to see what I was up against. I had gotten out of this very building twice, and it looked like there would not be a third time. At least not without help, and maybe a tank. I stayed around for two more days, trying not to be spotted, because with an orphanage right there, people would be more likely to turn me in. But then, maybe not. I am almost fifteen after all. But I didn't want any more risks then there already were. I finally gave up and traveled for half a day to the coast. The breeze and salty air would clear my head, and maybe I would be able to think better. I sat on the edge of a cliff, The breeze blowing the loose strands of my braid back. I watched the sun come out from behind the clouds, and a ship sail by.
I had calmly gone over and over the plans in my head, but none of them would work without help. So the first step would be to find help, but where? I heard rustling and turned my head. A girl, about my age, was wandering across the field, towards the small forest the the other side. She looked out towards the sea, and for a moment I saw her face. Something told me I could trust her. I hopped up, and followed her across the field. By the time I caught up, we were in the forest. "Hey." I said she looked over her shoulder at me. She had like, the best hair EVER. It was long, thick, shiny dark brown curls that fell down her back and shoulders. Her face was pale, and her eyes were a green/gray/blue. She wore a light brown dress.
Character prompt.:
"Hey." She answerd back.
"I need your help." I said. She raised an eyebrow and started walking again. I walked with her.
"You don't want my help." She said. I snorted.
"Yeah, I do. And I don't want it, I need it."
"Fine. You don't need my help."
"Yes I do, and- oh, whatever, why do I not want your help?"
"Because they say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do."
Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write Creative Blog:
I shrugged. 
"Fine with me. Do what you have to do will be good, because you have to help me, and as for a traitor, nobody can tattle to the old crab we'll be sneak'n past, because all she'll do is add you to her collection. And also, I'm kind of a traitor to, for leaving them in there so long."
She raised her eyebrow again.
"It's 'we'? Who are 'they'? And what will 'we' be doing sneaking past an old crab?"
"My siblings." I said, "They're trapped in an orphanage, and I need your help to get them out." Then I told her about my sibling, how Eleanor was so sweet, and took care of everybody, and Nicole loved watching people play soccer at parks and schools, how Mathew always tried to catch the the ducks that lived in the pond, how Catherine loved visiting the library, and the quill she always played with, and how Lydia was always so happy, and she always smiled, until she got sick. 
"How did they end up in the orphanage?" She asked. I gave a little half smile.
"I'll only tell you if you tell me who you betrayed and how you did it." She pursed her lips and shook her head.
"Can't tell you that."
"Then I can't tell you either." This time it was her turn for a half smile.
"I guess we're at a stand still then." 
"So will you help me?" I asked. She paused for a moment. 
"Alright." She said.
"Then it's a deal." I said. "By the way, my name is Irene." She smiled.
"I'm Chloe." I shook her hand.
"It's a deal Chloe." 
I had a plan.
How was that, you like it? Do you think Irene's plan will work? Who did Chloe betray? How?
Well, toodles!

P.S. hmm, I should change my sign off.


  1. WOW!!!! That was awesome! :) :) :) :) (talks to self) ok enough with the smilies.;) anyways I was wondering if you could maybe a do a craft soon?? I also would like to see the outfits you got for your birthday. hehe!! God gave you so many amazing gifts and talents, keep it up!:)

    1. thank you! I know, I haven't done any lately, I'll try to get to work on that. :/ However, I am going to Hazel's later this week, so there will be doll posts then. :) hmm, I MIGHT show the outfits, but I did want to wait until I went to the american girl doll store, so I could present Kit with it all. Maybe I'll give another sneak peek. :) awww, thank you again! :)

  2. Ok, maybe you could recreate some of the new releases??? just a thought:) Hehe I thought you forgot about the outfits;) Ooooo cool I wish I could go to the AG store!!!! Oh did you hear about american girls being sold at toys r us??? Im super excited!!!! Thanks for being a AWESOME blogger;)
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    1. ooh, that's a good idea!
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  3. Yeah I wish I could go for my birthday too but I live 4 hours away from a store:( but my birthday is really soon so Im asking for truly me #61 shes my dream doll!!!

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  5. Wow, that was really good, Olive! I love the ending!