Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dragons I've named after fandoms

Hi everyone! I told myself, 'I'm going to post before Christmas!' and today I was like, 'Not happening.' I had no clue what to post. I had an idea earlier, but it evaporated. 
So, I play a game called Dragon vale, and I decided to show you most of the dragons I've named after fandom characters. However, I have a LOT, so I picked the most interesting, or the ones that look the most like the characters.
Let's get started!
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(Keeper of the lost cities)

I'm not sure why I named him after Avlar. I hatched and fed him, and thought, 'he looks like an Avlar!' And that was that.

(Keeper of the lost cities)

Doesn't she look like Sliveny? All silver with sparkles reminds me of that silly alicorn. <3

(fairy tale)

Thorin says no, but I say yes. Look! She has hair!

(Lord of the rings)

He looks more like one when he's grownup, but he's cuter when he's little. Ivy named hers Treebeard.

(Lord of the rings)

I couldn't fit the 'i' in. :P 

(Lord of the rings)

Heehee. XD

(The hunger games)

How does she NOT scream 'Katniss' at you?

(The Avengers)

I think they did that on purpose. 


Ok, so we started watching this lego show on netflix, and Garmadon's the bad guy. 
Image result for ninjago garmadon evil
A very close likeness, is it not? 

(Magnus Chase)

MAGnus, the MAGnetic dragon, get it? No? Darn.

(Magnus Chase/mythology)

Well, it IS a trick dragon.

(Percy Jackson/mythology/ect) 

A perfect likeness. XD

(Heroes of Olympus/mythology/ect)

Remember him? lived in Quebec, Jason, Piper, and Leo went to visit him, wanted to freeze them, you know, normal stuff. XD

(Heroes of Olympus) 

I'm so mean. XD

The fates
(Percy Jackson/mythology/ect)

This one doesn't make much sense, especially because there's three fates, not two. Oh well.  

(Percy Jackson/mythology/ect) 

Hey, I ran out of room. 
She's so colorful! I love it! 

(Harry potter)

I hatched it, and I was like, 'this is SOOO Fauwks.'

DONE! I hope you had fun reading that! I should hopefully might possibly have another post up before Christmas, but if not, there will definitely be a photo story after Christmas. And talking about that....IT'S ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good bye, and 

Merry Christmas!