Thursday, November 17, 2016

pumpkin carving: nothing really to do with dolls, but it has star wars in it, so that makes it good, right?

(uhgh, long titles.)

Hi everyone! I would like to show you some pictures of the pumpkins that we carved late October. 

 This one's mine. I made a silhouette of a jedi. And a cat, because princess insisted.

 Here's a better look at the cat.

This is Daisy and bubbles' pumpkin. Not sure what they were doing.

 This is Thorin's pumpkin. My other little brother, (what did I decide to call him again?) helped, and they pulled things from calvin and hobbes, and who knows where for ideas. 

Ivy was still working on hers.

Here it is.

Now, to light them.



 uhh, glow?

Last year, I made a mermaid, but her arm fell off. Oops. This one worked much better!
I'll be posting more now, because I have a week off school, so I can get some thanksgiving posts and crafts. Yes, crafts! woohoo! Bis bald! (google it)

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