Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wellie wisher Camille review

Hi! Here is the review of Camille, with some pretty bad pics, because when I got home, I just couldn't wait to open her!

So here she is, in her box.

You can see here face through a flower-ish shape in the front.

You can just take the lid off, there's no tape or anything holding it down.

She has styrofoam wrapped around her boots, with a rubber band around them, and going through the back of the box. Aren't her boots so cute?

And her skirt, which is so pretty! I'll talk more about it later. Do you notice her hands? They look like american girl hands.

And her ruffly little shirt. it's very soft.

And here's her adorable little face. Her eyes do not shut, and she has a freckle by her eye. There is a piece of molded plastic behind her head, with styrofoam around her neck, and a cord over that, going through the back of the box.

Here is the rubber band in the back of the box. We shall cut that....

And this is the top back of the box. We shall cut that cord, and Camille will fall on her face, since we were holding box upside down to cut them. 

Then you pick her up, and try to take off her hairnet. You have to take the starfish clip out first. And it is really hard to take of that hairnet. By the time you do get it off, her hair will be considerably messed up, so you smooth it out, and put the clip back in. 

Wook at her widdle boots! Aren't they so cute? They're nice and rubbery, even the little red fins.

Here is her hair. It's very soft, and just like an american girl wig, it even looks like it when you lift it up.

Then I took her boots off. It is very difficult the first time, but it gets a little easier the more you do it. They also have a little mesh inside, so it's not slippery in there.

And here are her little feet. They look like smaller versions of american girl feet.

The back of the shirt closes with blue velcro.

Camille's skirt had slid up really high, above her belly button. She also has little pink underwear. And they have plastic bodies, not cloth like american girls.

Her hair has a pretty curve to it. Over all, she is adorable. I give her four out of five stars.

Some things I may have forgot to mention:
. When you lay her skirt out flat on the ground, it's shape is a diamond.
. Underneath her underwear, there is a raised wellie wisher logo.
. When she sits down, her leg go out side ways, so she's almost in a split.
. Her arms only go forwards and backwards, only the tiniest fraction of going out to the side.
Well, I hope you found this helpful. I can't wait to make clothes for her! And some of you may have noticed already, but Camille has a profile now.


  1. She is sooooo adorable! Thanks for the review, it's one of the first I've seen on WW! If I were to get a WW, I'd either get her or Willa. :) Hey, maybe my grandmother would get my little sister one! Wouldn't that be cool!
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. isn't she? <3 you're welcome. :) yeah, her and willa definitely seem to be the most popular. ;) that would be cool!

  2. Oh, I remember when I used to live for dolls like these! I can't wait to see what you make for her.

    Elisabeth @ Inkspelled Faery

  3. Aww so cute!!! I might be going to the AG store for my birthday!!!! I'm super excited!!! I really hope my parents get me #61!!!