Friday, October 21, 2016

Sisters- a photoshoot of Kit and Camille

Hello, hello! Sorry this is late we were shopping yesterday AND today. :p I took these in the evening so that's why there is really weird lighting, sorry. Also, the italiced words are a weird thing I wrote for the pictures. If I knew the lyrics for a song that would fit, I would use that. Onward! 


A leader...

...and a follower.

A bond.

Knit tightly....

...through the spiral of life...

(Ok, can I die over how cute they are? eeee!)
(Oh, I just spoiled the moment didn't I? oops. I'll just go now....)

So alike...

...yet so different.

Helping each other reach new heights...

"But what if I fall?"

"Then I help you back up again."

Reaching out...

I trust you.

Awwww, *snifs* I made myself cry. *blows nose* but it was probably to cheesy for you normal people. *sigh* oh well. I had a craft planed, but one of the materials has yet to be dug from the mess of dad's work bench, and NOBODY touches his work bench. So I'm working on another one. Bye!