Wednesday, October 5, 2016

TIWC the last challenge!

*sobs* It's the last one! AAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! *cries some more*
Ok, lets get on with it. Hello!

Team Quill
Go team quill!!!! We're winning this thing! Oh yeah! 
Grace, I used all three prompts, a quill, and 2 of the bonus prompts. I will add the prompt images as I come to them, and bold the quill and bonus prompts.
I am continuing the the last challenge.


We snuck through the city to the orphanage that night. Chloe boosted me to the top of the wall, Then I pulled her up after me. After we dropped down, we slipped across the yard/big patch of dirt to the building. I opened the trap door to the crawl space, went to the darkest corner, moved some boxes and took some boards out of the wall, revealing a rough tunnel. I had found it years ago, but it was tiny. I wasn't sure if I could fit in it now. I squeezed in, ducking my head, shoulders brushing the walls, and turned around.
"Chloe, wait just outside the tunnel and keep watch, I'll need your help when I get back." Chloe nodded. I turned around, and wiggled farther into the tunnel. As I wriggled, I went over my plan. I was going to come out in the back of a broom closet, and I would walk down a hall lined basically with cells, where the children who were being punished were kept. I would take a right, then a staircase up, and there would be the dormitory's. I would quietly find my siblings, and I would take them to the tunnel, and we would get out with Chloe. I came out of broom closet, and tip toed down the hall any one who was in here should be asleep. But the sound of breathing was very loud, louder than it should be. Strange, I thought. Maybe a LOT of kids had gotten in trouble this time. I was about half way through when I heard a whisper.
"Irene? Is that you?"
"Yes!" A shaft of moonlight came through the window and showed me her face. Her hazel eyes, and tangled brown hair.
Character prompt.:
"What did you do to get in there?" I whispered back.
"Nothing. Irene, Things have gone really wrong."
"Like what?"
"That sickness Lydia had, it's really contagious. It spread. Fast."
"Oh no. Is that why you're in here? Are you in quarantine?" 
"No. It spread so fast, Irene, the kids in these cells are the only ones who aren't sick."
"Yeah,  sometimes I wake, and take a moment to appreciate the fact that I'm still alive."
"Oh goodness. Wait, so kids have died? And what about Lydia? And the others?"
"No one has died so far, but a few are close. Lydia is doing better, so I'm told, but not recovered. Matthew and Catherine have it, and Eleanor can barely get out of bed."
"Oh no. Now what am I going to do?"
"I don't know. Do you have any help?"
"A girl named Chloe."
"I thought so, other wise you couldn't have gotten over the wall. Who is Chloe?"
"She probably wasn't the best person, she didn't want to help me at first because she said people have called her a traitor. She wouldn't tell me why though."
"Hmm. Where is she?"
"She's at the entrance of the tunnel."
"Can you get me out? I want to talk to her."
"Are the keys in the same place as always?"
"Yep." I nodded my thanks and headed for the kitchen. The keys were kept in a cupboard, with a few quills, some paper and stamps, unlocked, because all the keys were on a huge ring, always clattering and clinking together, it was almost impossible to keep them quiet. Nobody escaped in the day because there were to many people round, and nobody tried to get out at night because they were too tired. I took the keys, and held them tight to keep from clinking. I hurried back to Nicole and let her out. She stepped out, stretching. "Thanks." 
"You're welcome. Now come on, Chloe is outside the tunnel." Nicole grumbled something about more small dark dirty places and followed me. We came out of the tunnel and Chloe turned around.
"That was fast." She said. "Wait, there's only one. I thought you had five?..." 
"Chloe, this is Nicole, or Nikki. Nikki, this is Chloe. Chloe, we have a problem." I proceeded to tell her what happened. 
"Hmm. that is a problem." Chloe said. 
"Yeah, glad you noticed." Nicole said dryly. I glared at her. Chloe took a deep breath.
"There's only one thing to do." She said. I stopped glaring at Nicole. Chloe continued. "My Aunt and Uncle live about a days travel from here, they have no kids, a big house, my Uncle's a doctor, they're really nice, and didn't blame me when 'it' happened, so we have to go there." I turned to Nicole and she nodded. I turned back to Chloe.
"So it's a plan." I said. "But we're going to have to careful, since they're sick." 
"But how will we get them over the wall?" Chloe asked. "Nikki said Eleanor can barely get out of bed."
"Hmm..."  I looked around, seeing nothing but crates and boxes. Crates and boxes! "I have an idea." I said. I explained my plan to Nicole and Chloe, and we set out trying to quietly get crates over to the wall, and form a giant staircase. Then we hopped over the wall, and made another one, out of things from the street. Then we climbed our stair case, and snuck back into the building. I brought Chloe with Nicole and me, I would need both their help to carry the little ones. We got Mathew first, Nicole slipped into his dormitory, and came out leading him. He was smiling, holding tight to her hand. We walked a little more, then I slipped in to get Catherine and Lydia. It was stuffy, full of the sound of heavy breathing and coughing. I tiptoed past rows of cots, looking for two familiar faces. Then I found them, sharing a cot with another little girl. I picked up Catherine and sat down on the edge of the bed, setting her on my lap. She stirred and looked at me. "Shh." I said. She smiled, and coughed. I picked up Lydia, and carried them both to the door. When I got out, I handed Lydia and Catherine to Chloe, while Nicole woke Mathew up, who had fallen asleep against the wall. Then Nicole and I went in another room to get Eleanor. When we got to her bed, and woke her up, she smiled, and weakly asked: "What are you doing in here? You'll get sick."  
"It's ok Eleanor, we won't get sick." I said. "Now come on, we're going to get you out of here." We lifted Eleanor between us and slowly walked from the room, supporting her. We then went with Chloe slowly going down stairs, replacing the keys, and inching through the tunnel. Then we rested, and made our way across the yard, then over our giant stairs. The rest of our journey was uneventful, and a month later we could be found at Chloe's Aunt and Uncle's house, quite well. They had a lake, and we could be found goofing off in a boat, laughing. 
After they had gotten better, Chloe's Uncle had raised money and sent a large amount of the medicine needed for the kids, so that was taken care of, now they just need to get out, hmm. But that's for another time. For I had lost my family, but I have found them again.
Wow, that was long. Pics from my trip to Hazel's will be up soon, and hopefully a craft. I still haven't found the i-pod, and I'm stuck to taking pics with my dad's old phone. :P And this morning we found a copperhead in our back yard, Bubbles and Princess walked right past it, and Daisy almost stepped on it's head! But God opened her eyes just in time for her to see that it was a snake, and she even recognized it, and came inside screaming about the snake we saw at the walk. (We had seen a copperhead at a paved walk before, so we knew what she was talking about.) Then we went on the deck to watch and restrain the cat while my dad shot it with a bb gun and cut off it's head with a shovel. It was really gross. XP But we have lived in this house for four years, and this is the first time we've seen one in our yard or in the woods, thank goodness. Now maybe it will be another four years before we see another one! ;)


  1. Aww, I loved that, Olive! I'm so glad it ended happily. :) Thanks for contributing to TIWC! I've had so much fun reading your stories.

    1. awwwwww, thank you so much! I've had so much fun writing them. :) <3

  2. Hi Olive! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, I'm so glad I'm checking out yours! It's awesome! Your TIWC entry is amazing - I love orphan stories, LOL!

    1. thank you! and who doesn't? XD the fist made up games i remember playing were orphan games XD