Friday, October 7, 2016

What we did at Hazel's

Hello, hello, I finally got the pics I needed of my dad's old phone onto the computer. This is from when we went to Hazel's earlier this week.

When we first got there, Maria was wearing a strange assortment of clothes, because Hazel had been in the middle of taking pics for the road to salin for a while now, so she tells me. When it got dark, we took the dolls out for a very grity, blurry photo story with no ending. (You'll probably have to click on the pics to see them better.)
Hazel, these are your pics as much as they are mine, go ahead and copy them. I couldn't figure out how to email them to you. :/

Three girls slipped out the door of an orphanage. "This is it." Kit said. "Hoods on."

They ran swiftly across the yard, behind them they heard another door slam, and some angry voices.

Kit pushed them into the fence, and they started edging sideways.

A huge light was getting closer.

When it had passed, they slipped out the gate. They were free!

They scrambled over a bank, it was getting closer again!

Ruthie looked back, it was almost there! "Hurry!" she whispered, and shoved Maria a little.

Maria was edging down, while kit was wiggling through a crack under a log.

Then they climbed a tree, and finally lost them.

Kit whispered to Maria, "We're going to stay here for the night, try not to fall out."

Maria passed the message on to Ruthie, and they went to sleep. Precariously sitting in a, that's not weird or dangerous at all..... :P
and here's a bonus pic.

We also went to the beach, saw sharks, climbed on rocks, got a cut longer than half an inch on the bottom of my toe on the rocks, and then stood there letting it bleed into water that we had just seen a shark in....yeah, it was very interesting. :P
Anyway, au revoir!

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