Sunday, October 30, 2016

a bunch of pictures of trees (and water. and more trees.)

Hi! First off, I'm sooo sorry! I haven't posted in like, a week? *hides face in hands* I'm currently having bloggers block, (like writers block) and with a super busy schedule, I have nothing. But we went to a park/nice walking place a few days ago with some little friends, and I took some pics.

 We found this little newt/salamander. Thorin wanted to keep him for a pet, but he was hurt, and he died.

 Wouldn't this make a great writing prompt? I think I'll add it to the page...

And that's it. I also want to show you some funny book stuff my mom found and showed me.
(click to enlarge)

 So me. XD Except in the fall, then it's: It's so nice...I'd better go outside and read.

Oh gosh. XD


And that concludes it. NO, WAIT! Hazel is having a small story contest, please enter! She'll love it so much. You can see it HERE.  I'd be writing my story, but I'm just like, this. then that. one sentence. at a time. AUUGGGHH!! Any way, goodbye!