Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Loren, I used all three prompts, and placed them where I used them.


A young woman was running. She didn't spare a glance for the sign propped against a tree:

As she ran, she looked behind her. People were coming into sight, shouting, carrying torches and swords. The young woman kept going. "I don't want you to find me yet." She muttered to herself. "Preferably never."
She slowed down to a walk, the woods had gotten thicker. There were no birds singing, just an occasional crow. As she pushed past thorny bushes, she grumbled to herself about wearing wedges. "Worst pair of shoes ever." "Why am I wearing these things again?" "I should go barefoot instead." "But then, some shoes are better than no shoes." A snarl tore the air, and she froze. She slowly looked about her, and her eyes lit up when she spotted a tree with branches close to the ground. But then she glanced back at her shoes and looked despairing. They were rather tall wedges, and held on with several buckled straps. Her face said that there was no way she was getting those off in time to climb. Another snarl, and she noticed a pair of glowing green eyes in the shadows. "Oh dear." It didn't matter if she could climb of not. It could climb as well. Then a 'thwap!' and a yowl, and the eyes disappeared as a large animal ran off. The young woman turned around, and saw a young man dressed in green and brown, lowering his bow.  "Ethan!" She cried, clearly delighted. 
"Helen, what are you doing here? Are you all right?" He asked, a look of concern on his face. "Well... I really don't know." She said, looking troubled. "I was at the market, and then I heard the strange horn again, and this time they all decided to arrest me, so I ran, and I'm really tired, these stupid shoes are killing my feet, and what about my family? I don't know whether they're being affected by the strange horn, or if the villagers are arresting them as well..." She started to cry, and Ethan came over and hugged her. 
"It'll be alright," He said, "I'll take you home, and then go check on your family." Helen nodded, her tears slowing. Ethan picked her up, and carried her, while she gazed out behind them, thinking, wondering, and remembering things that only she knew about.


That was a little short and odd, but oh well. Expect a more interesting post soon! (that is, as soon as I finish reading harry potter)

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