Thursday, August 3, 2017


Hey girls!
I'm participating in cwwc this year, hosted by Loren, and I'm on team half-blood! 
Loren, I used all three prompts, and I will be placing them where I use them, since I like to do that. 😛


"Thank you number twenty-three, you may leave now."
The girl in front of my desk nodded and stood up to leave. I waited until she had shut the door behind her before I released the sigh that had welled up. Being governess of the whole orphanage had its pros, but this was one of the cons. I now had to sentence that sweet girl to a punishment, just because she didn't know how things worked here. But I had to, as the government required 'all students to be dutifully mindful and hard workers' as well as 'no frivolities of any sort' which is what she had gotten in trouble for. Ah well, how about kitchen duty. Grueling, but she is too small for any of the other jobs, she could get killed. I wrote out the order, sentencing her to a week of kitchen duty. If she was smart, she'd take it without complaint. If she was lucky, someone would inform her that she'd got the easy job. I rang for my maid and had it delivered, as well as an order not to be disturbed for an hour. After she left, I opened a drawer, and pulled out a black notebook and a pen. The pen slipped out of my fingers, and I swiveled to pick it up, still looking at the notebook.
It was rather sloppy, I had handmade it years ago, and kept adding pages. On the front I had written: THINGS I WANTED To SAY BuT NEVER DID 
I tucked it under my arm and picked up the pen. I wanted to go out.
I took the bus first, I would walk the rest of the way.  

The bus was dark and dirty, and I sat in a corner by myself, not uncommon. I got off at an abandoned subway station, I knew where to go.

Five minutes later, I was walking into a garden. A secret garden, like in a book I had read as a child long ago. I could barely remember that book. It was an illegal book, and my mother had freaked when she found out. But now they were gone, I was grown, and I had found a garden. As far as I knew, there were no gardens left in the world, except for the leaders. The 'leaders'. I could rant for hours about there tyranny, but I came here to relax.  

I sit at the base of a statue, flowers are growing at her base, and in bushes in a half circle around her. I open my book, and I write a letter to #23, I wish I knew her real name. I tell her that, as well as explain things that must be on her mind now, I tell her things that I can't say, that I want to say. This letter will never leave my book, It will stay with many others like it, but writing it makes me feel better. 
Soon I will have to go back to my office at the orphanage, a cold, strict building with a cold, strict governess. Me. I will have to go back to being a cold strict woman again, a harsh servant of the leaders. But for now I write.
Things I wanted to say, but never did.


What do you think? I might continue it, or prequel it, but it's also good on its own. It's kind of supposed to be a dystopian story, it would be fun to elaborate it. 🙂
What do you think of my story? Was it good? Was it terrible? 
Should I continue it? Have you done cwwc before? I'm a newbie. 😛
Important question time: m&m's or skittles? 

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