Friday, June 30, 2017

The park visit

Heloooooo peoples!

(I dunno why I said that, I just felt like it)

(Good gravy, I'm starting to sound like Loren)

(But I've also been catching myself sounding like Cait, so idk)

Anyway, back on track. 😆

(Brain starts singing annoying old vbs song)

So, we went to this playground/park and it was really big, and really nice, and I mostly took these pics so I could get some of my instagram followers to come check out my blog. But it was nice, and I got some good pics for the blog, which you should be reading right now. (I'm looking at you, mom!) 

I think these are black eyed susans. 


I may have a slight obsession with taking pictures of water. 😋

This water was kinda gross, but can you see the minnows? 

I also like taking pictures of paths. 

I took these two while swinging on the swings, very high. Not recommended unless you have a super tough case, a playground with that squishy, foam-y ground, and a firm grip. Oh, and able to stay on your swing while taking the photo. 😛

It started raining, and we ran around and got soaked. Doesn't rain feel so clean and refreshing? I like swimming in the pool, but it doesn't feel the same as being rained on.💧
And then it stopped, and it grew so hot so fast that you could see the water evaporating. 😳

A bee on a flower. 🌻🐝

We also found this site, and we designed lego characters that looked like us, and downloaded them as pictures. It was really fun, but since the options are limited, some of my sibling's lego characters look nothing like them. You can visit the site HERE.
 Mine turned out alright, it's not that good, but close enough.

Sorry it's so fuzzy. 😬 I had to add the glasses and the freckles on canva, since they didn't have those on the designer. The freckles took FOREVER. 😫
But anyway.
Tomorrow I'm going up to Sparrow's for a beach day, and I might bring Kit, but I'm sure I'll get at least a few pictures. 
And talking about beaches, Charis (hey look! I got it right! But maybe it's just because I'm starting to think of her and Grace as different people....🙈) went to Emerald island, and her pics are SUPER pretty! I think I died. 😆
Oh yeah, HERE's the link.

Do you like playing in the rain? What about beaches?
Did you make a lego you? How accurate was it? 
Do you ever find yourself talking like a blogger you admire?
What do you think about swinging full speed, holding on with your 
elbows and trying to take a good picture at the same time 
without dropping the camera? (or phone, or i-pod in my case)


  1. oh no, that does sound like me. XD

    i love the first two pictures, and the one where it's mostly sky with a bit of playground at the bottom.

    annoying old vbs songs that i cannot forget will be the death of me.

    xo loren