Friday, June 23, 2017

Camille's birthday

Hey guys!🙋
 I've had a very busy week, with some of my sibling's karate camp in the mornings, and VBS at night, it's been kind of crazy. But I finally got everything out the other day, and I took the pictures for Camille's party, she was looking quite forward to it. 🙂


It was a rather quiet party. They had found out the day before that the dogs LOVED chocolate covered strawberries, so Camille hadn't invited them. It was kind of peaceful. 

"Elizabeth, I don't think You're allowed to have that many strawberries."
"Why not?"
"We didn't make that many, you have to share."
"Nobody else is eating them."

Ruthie had brought her own drink, and had stayed in the tree for the entire time.

"Hey Ruthie," Kit said, "Are you ever going to come down from there?"

"Why would I? It's nice up here."
"I might eat your share of strawberries."

 Camille finished her cheetos and strawberries, and stood up. "Kit, can I open presents now?

 "Sure." Kit replied, sitting up and grabbing another strawberry.

 Kit popped the strawberry into her mouth, Camille plopped down and grabbed a present, Lea rescued the lemonade, and Ruthie climbed a little lower in her tree.

As Camille started unwrapping it, Kit snuck another strawberry, and Elizabeth started on a large serving of cheetos. 

*Insert suspenseful music* 😆

"Oooh, It's star wars, and fuzzy, I like it! ....but what is it?"
(A strawberry jumped into Kit's mouth)

"Bring it over here, and turn around." Ruthie said.
(Another strawberry disappeared from the tray)

"There you go, It's even got a hole for your bow to stick out!" Camille giggled happily.
(The missing strawberry was promptly eaten)

Camille started unwrapping another present. 
(Kit slipped yet another strawberry off the tray)

"Oh! Some new pajamas! They're so cute!"
(The unfortunate strawberry met it's doom)

She handed them to Lea, and pulled the last present, also the biggest, over towards her.
(meanwhile, another strawberry joined it's devoured brethren) 

"A build a bear box! I wonder what one I got?...."
(a hand crept towards to the tray)

"A bunny! It's so cute!"
(It's prize was devoured with haste)

"Thank you everybody!" Camille said.
"We're glad you liked them Camille." Kit replied around a mouthful of chocolate.

Camille jumped up. "Time for cake!" 

("Hey, who ate all the strawberries?!")

Before she went to bed, Camille wanted me to take her picture with all her presents, and-
Camille, are you going to take that off for bed?
No, I like it!
But you're not supposed to wear it to bed! Also, isn't it a little to hot?
A little....
Then how about-
No, I want to wear it.
Well, ok.....

Happy birthday Camille. 💙

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  1. I really love birthday parties and celebrations full of fun. Had a crazy evening with all pretty ladies at my friend's spinster party. Liked the lustrous decorations done at one of the event halls for rent booked by her sister. Glittery bunting and stars with colorful flowers looked amazing. Will ask them about the total cost of whole arrangements.