Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mini shoots 1

Hey guys! Remember a looooooooong time ago, when I mentioned that Mary P. (or Kyra) had visited, and we took pictures? And I'm too lazy to look for the post where I mentioned it. 😛 Buuuuut, here are the pics now, so it's all good. 🙂 We dressed up the dolls in clothes she brought, and we told ourselves, 'one picture per doll'.....that didn't really work.





And of course, Lea ended up with the most, since that was the first time we had taken pictures of her.

Then we took a picture of Elizabeth and Josie, who we think are long-lost twins. Now the mystery is solved, Elizabeth is an old truly me. 😊

And these two, since they match.

Kit is the only one who I got 1 picture of, hmm. Well, that's all! Now hopefully I'l take the pictures for Elizabeth's birthday soon. See you then!


  1. Oh I adore Kit's dress in the first picture! Are those music notes on the material?! So cute!