Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Flowers, dead grass, a bunny and a cat

Hello, everyone! 😃

These pictures are from....last month? Who knows! 😛 🌸

 Our next door neighbor has these really pretty flowers. 🙂

 ooooh, I like this one.

 Grrr. He just...won't....cooperate.... 😑

 Hello, kitty....

Just look at me! 


 ooooh, kinda looking...

hey, stop moving!

What do you think you're doing?!

Ok, I'm taking pictures of the rabbit instead.

Now I'm having the opposite problem. He won't do anything BUT look at the camera! 

I think I'll arrange some flowers.

oh look....a croquet mallet. 😆 

And I really love this picture. 😊

We went to Hazel's last week, but we ended up not taking any pictures. *smacks forehead* and Hazel isn't posting because she's been having technical difficulties with blogger. 😞
But Tory posted, and I forgot to say on my last post. 😛
And my story got an honorable entry! The other entries were awesome as well. 🙂
Have a wonderful day! God loves you! 😃

Star wars Rebels....Sabine....I can't even.....😲😨😫


of course I know why she left, stop being so silly olive....

BUT I CAN'T!!! 😭

Her mom is one scary lady. O_O

Bye. 😛

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