Sunday, April 23, 2017

A day of rain and flowers- part 2

Hi! 🙋

I took Kit and Camille out for a photo shoot that afternoon, and they kept falling over, so I didn't get some of the pics I wanted. ☹ 

Anyway, enjoy! 

It's glowing!

oooh, a secret passage....

They got wet, I got frustrated, and they wanted to climb a tree instead, so I let them. 😉
Hey Camille! Come on!

I could use a little help down here! 

*a few minutes later*

Humm de hum hmmmm......

I need more help. My arms are tired now.

*a few more minutes later*

Ahh! Much more relaxing!

Kit! I think I can see our house from here!

Yep, much more relaxing.


They had much more fun in the tree. 😛
Madi's stop motion mini movie is out! See it HERE
Have a wonderful day!

Do you like to take pictures combining dolls and flowers?
Do your dolls get wet when they get a photo shoot after rain?
Or do your dolls actually stay standing? If they do, please 
lend me some of your magic! 😜


  1. My dolls fall over a lot, too. Sometimes I've found certain pairs of shoes let them stand easier, but...usually my goal is to make sure that if/when they fall, it's not smack on their face. :-D

  2. amazing photos!:) I agree I do find it hard to stand my dolls up too


  3. Your dolls are so cute!! And I LOVE that first picture, it's so beautiful!

    And thanks for mentioning my stop motion! :D