Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ruthie's mini skating shoot

This year, Ruthie wanted to go ice skating for her birthday. And since it coincided with Ivy's birthday skating, (surprise, surprise) I decided to oblige her. Kit came as well, and they also got to try on some 'lipstick' for a treat. (It's dry erase marker. 😉)

It was pretty empty, since it was a school day.

 Cute little birthday girl.💝

 So pretty. 💋



It wasn't too hard to get these pics, just carefully stand one up on the ice, fix anything the other doll needs fixing, pose her, pick up the first doll, fix and pose her, and then take your photos without getting on your knees, which was the most challenging bit. 😂 

I'll have a christmas haul post coming soon, followed by some more lego pics


Do you like ice skating? Are you any good? I can barely move 
without losing my balance, lol. When was the last time 
you took pictures in a new place?  


  1. Aww! Great shots!


  2. I split my pants the last time I went ice skating :(

  3. Cute pictures, Olive! Also, happy birthday Ruthie!!!

    ~Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts