Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas morning 2017

(I would like to apologize for the fuzzy quality of some of my photos. I slightly missed the time where the most light is coming through the window.)

Puppy paws cross the floor, as a girl and her dog slip through the door-
now hush, not a peep! The other girls are still asleep!
 But she smiles as she tiptoes to her cousin's room,
it says they'll certainly be awake soon.

 "Wake up! wake up! Wake up I say,

 Come on! Come on! It's Christmas day."

Lea receives a big fat cat, 
dropped (very quickly!) upon her back.  

 "AAAHHHHH, cold!"
Ruthie earns a much harsher treatment. (which of course involves losing her blanket.)

 Return that glare with a cheeky smile,
 no more being good! At least, for a while.

But oh, hooray! it's Christmas day! 
Now can't we go see what's under the tree? 

 The pile of presents, beautifully wrapped

And the stockings are stuffed, filled every crack. 

 A teddy bear, with a scarf red and white, 
 sits, and smiles, at all in sight.

 The rush for the stockings, the shouts of glee,
 while Lea just sits there, under the tree.

It's addressed to her, all she does is stare, 
while the cat beside her does not want the share.

Now let us listen, the girls are all talking,
 about the gifts they've received in their stockings. 

 "Come on out, tasty treats! yum yum yum!"

 "Hey, this hair bow is cute. And oooh, a new water bottle!"

 *happy smiles*

 "I LOVE chocolate!"

 "Look, I got a beaded flower from Josie and her mom!"

And then came the presents, (so blessed!) 
the first of which was this pretty green dress. 

 Camille followed next with a bag and a bow,
pried from tissue paper white as snow.

A summery outfit, all bright and pink,
 "I have to wait until spring? That really does stink."

 "Oooh, boot-cuts! With real pockets, nice!"

 "A camera and travel journal! You guys are the best!"

 "*gasps* Now I can look like Nanea!"

 "I got a lady bug from Josie!"

 "A volley ball! wow, now I can play again! I used to all the time in Brazil."

"Look! Josie and her mom made me a dress!" 

 "Cool pattern!"

 "Josie made me a dress to! Awesome!"

 "A mermaid floor puzzle! with Ariel!" 

 "A stripey outfit with a striped bag..."

 "...and a glittery outfit, with a glittery bag!"

 "And here's my present from Josie, a drawstring dress! It's so pretty!"

"Wow, those are really long socks Kit."
"They are! I like the shoes, they're just my style."

"Oooooh, a Christmas dress! I love it! I'm sure not waiting until next Christmas to wear this!"  

So to all those far, and all those near,
we hope you had a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!


Sorry this was up so late, I was feeling really lazy/deserving of a 'break' and I only managed to get the pictures done before Hazel and her family came over for new year's eve. It was so much fun! 
No, nooooooo, don't get me started. I will talk about it on my Christmas haul post, which should be up 'soon'. I love you girls! thanks for putting up with me, and I hope you had  a great Christmas. 🙂

How was your Christmas? Did you do anything extra special? 
What about new year's eve, did you stay up until midnight? 
Did anyone come over? Did you visit anyone?