Friday, October 6, 2017

A bunch of Istagram legos, ninja, and lego ninja!

Hey girls!
long time no see, huh? *hides*
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting, I don't even really have an excuse.
(unless you count school as an excuse)
Buuuuuut I'm back anyway! I have a few photography posts (none including dolls, unfortunately) but today I have some lego pics that I've posted on Instagram, but haven't shown on here. 🙂

Back in July, we went to the lego store for Wakko's birthday, and made custom minifigures. I made one to look like me, but they didn't have the right hair, so I picked the one she's wearing. For the sake of my sanity, I decided to call her Elena, which is my middle name. (Because its kind of confusing having a minifigure with your first name)

I took this photo on my birthday, and posted it with this caption:
 What a great birthday! I'm having an allergy attack, but cupcakes, a new doll outfit, a Lego set and sweet cards from grandparents make it all better. 🙂 also, mama said that she's shipping my new lego Lloyd and Elena, and I said "I know!" And all my siblings were like whaaaat?😂 

It was hilarious. 😁
I posted this photo before we went to South Carolina: 
 Elena: We're off to South Carolina!
Me: Elena, Lloyd, sorry, but you can't bring the car.
Lloyd; What??!!!
Me: I said you can't bring it. It's a long drive, and what if pieces break off? You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?
Lloyd: No...
Elena: But do we still get to come?
Me: Of course, but you're riding in the backpack. 
Both Legos: Oh noooo....

And this is the coke incident that Kit mentioned. 😛
Elena: How'd you manage to get up there? 
Lloyd: I'm a ninja, it's easy.
Elena: I'M a ninja to, and I'm not finding it easy!
Lloyd: You don't even like coke, so why do you want to get up here?
Elena: .....Just to say I can?
Lloyd: *laughs* tell you what, I'll help you get up if you get me a straw. 
Elena: You got a deal!  

Sometime after we got home, I got the idea for this pic:
Elena: This one?

Lloyd: No, the other one.
Elena: What, this one?
Lloyd: I think it's the one on the left.
Elena: That one? 
Lloyd: No, the one on MY left.
Snake goon: Can you hurry up? I wanna fight already!
Lloyd: Sorry, but not yet. I can't fight without some cool music.
Elena: It is universally acknowledged that a ninja can not fight without an amazing soundtrack.

And I recently posted this one:

And I haven't posted this one, so you're getting an exclusive peek. 😜

And I don't remember if I showed you these ones:

And the one that I'm using as a profile:

Aaaand we finished re-watching season 5 of ninjago, and I made a meme. (edit? idk)

And I think that's a good dose of legos, so we'll leave it at that. But don't worry! I won't disappear for a month again! 
until then,

How have you been? Have you done anything interesting? Which photo 
was your favorite? Do you watch ninjago? Do you have Instagram? 
Does it feel like fall yet where you live? We've had cool 
mornings but hot afternoons. 


  1. Oh man! I love Legos :D Have you seen the lego ninjago movie? Your captions are great! Nice post.


    1. aww, thanks! and no, I haven't seen it, though I really want to!

  2. HEHE LEGO NINJAGO. The captions are awesome! I love your photos!