Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meet Elizabeth

                                                                   This is Elizabeth

Elizabeth is Daisy's doll. Nobody knows who she used to be. My mom rescued her from a garage sale, got her a dress from ebay, and gave her to Daisy for her birthday, in 2013. ( Daisy is my little sister)
Age: 8
Favorite color(s): Pink
Favorite food(s): Hamburger and fries
Favorite desserts(s): Cake
Favorite movie(s): The American Girl movies
Scared of: Bears
Wish: A pet bunny
Siblings: This is Jenny, who is 4 years old, and Pippa, who is 2.

Pet(s): This is her horse, Misty...

....and her kittens. The white one is Sugar, and the brown one is Cinnamon

Favorite sport(s): Ridding and cheerleading (does that count as a sport? I don't know...)


Favorite thing to do: Play outside. Actually, they all enjoy playing outside, so here is a pic of them playing a chase game

And those are our dolls! (well, my mom has three but to are really old so the live on a self in her room) I hope you liked my pics! Oh, and when I took that last pic, it had been really windy all day, and when I had tried to pose them earlier, they kept getting knocked over by the wind, so I took the dolls out, prayed, and started setting them up and GUESS WHAT?! the wind dropped almost immediately! How cool is that! The Lord cares, The Lord cares.

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